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d-capitatrix combines touch and tilt controls in a unique new gameplay concept: Place wormholes and make your robo-girl's head roll through by tilting the device!
Teleport heads from gate to gate to bring them back to their pretty robotic bodies.

Conquer demanding puzzles and dangerous traps, such as electric arcs, explosives and tricky mechanics.
Sometimes, it's all about the right strategy - and sometimes it's all about skill and finding the right trajectory.
Prove your skills in this amazing new physics puzzler!

Features crisp high res graphics on Retina Display devices!

Rated "SUPER" (9 out of 10) by App Store Arcade
"...The best physics puzzler that you can find on the Mac App Store. The levels are craftily designed and will challenge your timing and logic skills."

Featured as "New and Noteworthy" on the Mac App Store front page!

Design, Artwork, Sound FX and Coding by Thomas Wagner
Music by Moritz Horvath


Game Instructions:

Use your fingertip to drag wormholes from wall to wall. Tilt the device to make your head roll through them. Note: You can tilt the playing field, but you can't turn it upside down! Instead, cleverly use the wormholes to accelerate your head up into the air.
Avoid dangerous objects like fire or electric arcs. Break through barricades either by hitting them at high speed - or let explosives detonate close to them.


  • A falling object entering the first wormhole will exit the second wormhole with the same speed - let this hole face up in the air and you get a jump movement.
  • Place wormholes upside down in front of each other to generate an acceleration loop where your head reaches maximum velocity. Then, move the upper wormhole to the desired place where you want the head to exit at high speed!
  • If red and blue objects collide, an explosion will occur. This can be helpful, but also dangerous.
  • Big boxes will detonate when touching electric arcs or fire - or explosions.
  • In some levels, one must find the right moment to make an object detonate in order to break barriers.
  • If you get stuck or you run out of explosives, press the pause button and then the reset button to restart a level.
  • Use the weight of other objects to open block and tackle doors.
  • If there is no direct way to move objects into a certain place, you can always try accelerating and throwing them.
  • Crushing traps are quick, but they won't catch your head if only it goes through fast enough.